The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower 1 Audiobook

1982 The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower 1 Audiobook DT1 Stephen King revised edition read by George Guidall (The Dark Tower, Book 1)

The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower I Audiobook Free
The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower I Audiobook


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It has since gone through extensive revisions and has become the beginning of a series of eight books.

The story occurs in an Old West setting, but within an alternate futuristic timeline. Roland spends the night, but the man in black was there before him has set a snare. He matches with the leader of a local church who shows that the guy in black impregnated her with a demon. To escape, he kills everyone in the town. The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower 1 Audiobook.

Jake does not know how long he has been in the way channel; Roland hypnotizes him to figure out how he died. They search for food in the cellar, but experience a fanatic, learn it, and have a jawbone from the hole at which it spoke.

They depart the desert; Jake is attacked by a succubus. Roland saves him and tells him to hold on to the succubus to shield him. Roland has intercourse with the succubus because she is also an oracle, and he wants to learn more about his destiny and the dark tower. There is a flashback, and we learn that Roland is the son of another famous gunslinger whose brutal practice made Roland the guy he is now. Marten, his dad’s magician, tricked Roland into declaring his penis much sooner than any other apprentice. He succeeded. Next, Roland and Jake see the man in black on the mountain; he tells them that he’ll see among them on the other side. Jake was afraid for some time that Roland will abandon him or let him die; this only exacerbates his fears. Audiobook The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower I.

They head into the mountain at a classic rail car but are attacked by Slow Mutants, creatures that live underground. The track starts to fall apart, and Roland allows Jake fall in the abyss so he can continue on his quest.

He reads his fate from a deck of cards. He shows that he was Marten, and asks him to renounce his pursuit, taking him on a journey through the universe to attempt and scare him along with his insignificance. Roland refuses, and the guy in black sends him to sleep because he tells him to proceed west.

He wakens ten decades later using a sword whom he assumes is Walter. Roland eliminates the jawbone and carries it with him as he lays towards the Western Sea. The Gunslinger – Stephen King The Dark Tower 1 Audiobook Free.

The story is the greatest conflict between good and evil. In this alternate universe, the lone gunslinger audio book stands as the final vestige of good in a world haunted by the guy in black and also his or her boss. He is the anti-hero, allowing others to die so he can complete his mission for the benefit of the universe where he is. The man in black is the definition of evil, wanting to rip apart the fabric of the world as he heads towards the Dark Tower.

Roland embarks on this journey not being able to trust any of his perceptions. Anything he encounters could be a trick of the man in black trying to kill Roland or at least throw him off his pursuit. The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower I Audiobook. Reality is never what it appears in the world, and Roland has to use his wits to stay after the man in black and forward of his suggestions.

Perhaps one of the guy in black’s biggest tricks is revealing to Roland his insignificance in the vastness of the world. He’s counting on what the majority of people believe in their place in the world. We can not possibly understand everything, though we may know enough about our immediate environment, but the man in black banks on the idea that Roland’s lack of knowledge about his pursuit will be his downfall. Audiobook DT1 Stephen King The Dark Tower. In the end, this proves not to be the case.

King uses several different kinds of story telling to deliver his universe to life, for instance, western and science fiction. The story is black, and the ending must be answered within the next few books, but overall, Roland’s journey imitates that of several heroes’ journeys. He endures sacrifices, leaves impossible decisions, and never strays from his one goal, to reach the man in black. The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower 1 Audiobook.