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1977 Stephen King, Richard Bachman – Rage Audiobook

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Richard Bachman – Rage Audiobook




Rage was written years ago and has been pulled from shelves shortly after Columbine by Stephen King on account of the character of the content. There are a couple interviews and articles where King talks about his views on gun violence and I believe he’s far more eloquent than I am about why he decided not to continue selling the book.

Needless to say, despite his legitimate reasons, should you tell me that I can not read something or it’s out of print, the very first thing I want to do is read it. Richard Bachman and Stephen King – Rage Audiobook. The first paperbacks market for literally tens of thousands of bucks, but you can discover old copies of The Bachman Books include Rage for ordinary used book rates. (If you order a brand-new copy of the group, it will not comprise Rage and the company is going to need to refund you and also you’ll have to locate a used copy somewhere else, so be sure to pay attention if you purchase the collection!)

Rage was really pretty great. It was brief and wasn’t quite as violent as I anticipated. I guess I had been waiting for the mass shooter to kill dozens of people and possess a narration about why. True to his ability, King gave me something much deeper and more intense. The book was not just about the shooter in how I envisioned. Instead, the story dealt with the relationships between the pupils in the classroom and the choices they make. Why are people the way they are? Stephen King Rage Audiobook Free. I love that King always has an individual element where the true horror is what’s inside individuals that aren’t even very wicked. Or are they? I can not tell you how many times I felt like that I had been understanding Charlie, however would recoil since his teacher was dead on the floor in front of him. I think the students suffered from the same dilemma.

The publication was a horrible and brilliant look in a deranged, but fairly normal seeming teenager and it took a peek at the societal and psychological aspects of adolescence. The ending was great and the book was certainly horrifying in ways I never expected. It is among his early works, however I liked it.

I certainly advocate Rage and I thought it was well worth the annoyance of finding a backup. I do not always think it ought to be out of print, but I understand King’s view on gun violence and his outlook on being a bestselling writer, he does touch at the beginning of The Bachman Book collection. I get it, but I certainly had to read it!

My road to reading RAGE has been a long and winding one. Richard Bachman – Rage Audiobook Download.

Stephen King started writing RAGE (originally titled GETTING IT ON) in 1966, when he was a senior in high school. At some point, he stuffed the bare novel in a box, and it was only in 1971 that he took out the manuscript and completed it. It was finally released six years later, in 1977, under the now-famous pseudonym of Richard Bachman.

But even armed with this new knowledge, I didn’t read RAGE until four or five years ago for the very first time. If anybody is counting, that’s a full 25 years after I first discovered that RAGE was a King book.

In all honesty, I’d picked it up a couple times and began reading it ; but it just didn’t click for me personally, and occasionally, I ended up setting down the book with goals to revisit it later.

And then later turned into 25 decades. Rage Audiobook by Stephen King.

It wasn’t because the book or the composing were bad. Not whatsoever. And nasty. And mean.

That’s right, the jaded reader who had loved and cherished every monster Stephen King could throw me — from witches to haunted cars to serial killers and rabid dogs — found teenaged Charlie Decker just a bit too upsetting to wish to spend time with.

Give me the sadistic husband from ROSE MADDER; give me the vengeful spirit from BAG OF BONES; or the bugfuck crazy cop out of DESPERATION. Richard Bachman – Rage Audiobook.

I understand that a part of my issue was the writing, or the language of the book. It was amazingly well written for such a young author (my God, he started writing it in high school!) , but it was raw and crude and smoldering with a hardly (and not at all) suppressed beehive of violence. The words did not sing; they buzzed just like a swarm of angry hornets.

I wasn’t studying about a troubled and insane kid named Charlie Decker. I turned the pages, also I had been Charlie Decker. And I didn’t enjoy it one bit.

So, I put the novel down. Richard Bachman – Rage Audiobook Free Download.