Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook

2004 Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Stephen King DT6 read by George Guidall (The Dark Tower, Book 6)

Song of Susannah - The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook
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Roland’s main follower Eddie Dean is from the Brooklyn community Co-Op City, which in reality is at the Bronx. Earlier “Dark Tower” volumes detail Eddie’s difficult, parentless youth under the advice of his irresponsible older brother Henry, as well as his descent to robbery and drug dealing. He’s rescued from a life of crime by Roland, who chooses Eddie under his wing and makes him a lethal fellow gunslinger. Where Roland is stoic and taciturn, however, Eddie is talkative and has difficulty keeping his emotions in check. After he and Roland face Calvin Tower, Eddie gets so mad he bites down on his tongue and pulls blood.

Eddie’s talkativeness, passion, and intelligence prove helpful throughout Song of Susannah. He earns John Cullum’s trust with his fascination with baseball. He also continues interrogating Cullum if Roland would like to get moving. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook. By doing this, he gains critical info about mutant “walk-ins” in the region, who seem to become servants of the Crimson King crossing from the other world. He also learns about the writer Stephen King.

The one thing which keeps Eddie from focusing solely on the quest is his relationship with his wife, Susannah Dean. He worries about her during the publication. Despite their separation, they figure out how to send every other reassuring psychological messages confirming that they are still living.

From the 8th Stanza, Eddie recalls Henry’s girlfriend Sylvia Goldover, a petty thief with poor hygiene. Henry mocks Eddie for his fascination with fantasy literature like Lord of the Rings. Henry can be cited by Susannah, who blames him as a bad influence on Eddie. The Dark Tower VI Audiobook Stephen King (DT6).

The legless, wheelchair-bound Susannah Dean is actually two personalities in one, both African American. In a previous “Black Tower” volume, Roland forces these two different personalities to admit one another and coexist in the single individual he names Susannah. The name Dean is inserted later she hears Eddie.

The character of Odetta Holmes appears to be the one most clearly identified with Susannah. It’s Odetta who speaks to Eddie from her Dogan, recalls her mother, and holds to the values of the civil rights movement. Susannah suppresses the character of Detta Walker, though she’s out during times of extreme stress. Detta’s profane and confrontational outbursts are helpful to Susannah insofar as they intimidate adversaries like Mia and Richard P. Sayre.

Susannah is possessed by a third character during Song of Susannah, a demoness named Mia who develops a pair of legs so she, and Susannah, can walk round. The fact that these legs are white highlights the issues of identity and race which are being explored in the personality of Susannah Dean. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Download Free. She discovers she can escape temporarily from Mia via a visualization technique in which she sees herself into her Dogan, an area with monitors and dials where she can watch herself on screen and take measurements of what is occurring inside her entire body, including the progress of her pregnancy. She can also make use of the knobs in her Dogan to influence her situation. Susannah’s Dogan begins to deteriorate over the course of this novel.

Calvin Tower’s lawyer, Deepneau is an amiable man who warns Roland and Eddie that Tower will renege on his promise to market them a lot. Then he helps them deal with Tower, and writes the contract to the sale. Deepneau is afflicted by cancer. Stephen King Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook).

Roland Deschain is the protagonist of the entire “Dark Tower” series. His quest is to rescue the Dark Tower, in addition to discover exactly what the Dark Tower is and that manages it. The quest is his “ka,” or destiny, and they are his “ka-tet,” using their own destinies bound to his.

Roland is a gunslinger–that the type of character who might have been played by John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in western films. He is generally a man of few words, allowing his gun to speak for him. He rarely laughs or even smiles. He’s obsessed with his quest. Although basically a good man, he will not be afraid to kill anyone who opposes him or even forfeit innocent bystanders if doing so will enhance his chances of completing his quest. This makes sense to him since most of humanity hangs in the balance; losing a few innocents can be justified in order to save the rest of humanity. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower VI Audiobook Free Online. It is, however, a responsibility few would readily shoulder. Indeed, in the 11th Stanza, King explains to Roland that he stopped writing the “Dark Tower” series partially because he became fearful of Roland if Roland allow a young boy fall to his death. Roland could have saved him but doing this would have cost time and could have jeopardized his pursuit.

Roland is mostly relegated to the desktop in Song of Susannah. Nonetheless he remains a strong presence in the story, influencing events at crucial moments. While young Jake attempts to start the magic portalsite, Roland ensures the vital rituals are performed without delay. In the same way, Eddie gets murderously mad at Calvin Tower because of his reckless behavior and his unwillingness to sell the empty lot as promised, but Roland can alter Calvin’s mind. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 (Free Audio Book).

The author of Song of Susannah makes an appearance as a character in his own book when two of his own creations, Roland and Eddie, hunt him out to attempt to grasp the significance of their own existence. King is portrayed as a somewhat confused guy who smokes Pall Malls, guzzles beer, also is absorbed with daily family issues. He’s got no true grasp of the earth-shaking importance of the narrative he started five years earlier and then shelved. Roland hypnotizes King and orders him to complete the “Dark Tower” series; however, in a coda, or judgment, to the book, King is struck and killed by a van before he can do so.

A street preacher who ignores the parking tickets he frequently receives, Reverend Harrigan estimates the Bible and offers salvation to passersby. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower IV Audiobook Stephen King. He helps Susannah to the taxi that takes her to the Dixie Pig, and afterwards helps Jake and Callahan when they get into a fight with a cab driver.

Initially a stunningly beautiful, immortal demoness who understands nearly nothing about herself that hungers solely for sex, Mia understands her life lacks something essential when she sees a human couple with their child. He promises that she’ll increase the child for the first seven decades of the child’s life. For this to happen, Mia should take over Susannah Dean’s entire body.

The pregnant Mia cares about only bearing and raising her child, regardless of the consequences could be to others or to the world as a whole. But she’s rattled by Susannah’s assertions that she will not be permitted to raise the child. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Free.

Even though the reader of Song of Susannah might occasionally wonder whether the personalities that King gifts as personalities are completely good, there is not much doubt that King’s evil characters are strictly and totally malevolent. At stanza 10, Susannah describes her enemies as eating the brains of kids. When Mia rips the fake flesh out of the followers of the Crimson King in the Dixie Pig, ” she discovers they are in reality massive rats disguised as people. The name Dixie Pig itself might reflect the historic malevolence of those Southern whites against African Americans. The greeting Mia receives upon entering the Dixie Pig, “Hile Mia,” echoes the Nazi salute, “Heil.”

The existence of purely evil amounts in Song of Susannah means that anyone acting against these amounts is good practically by definition. But while the wicked figures are purely evil, the great are not so straightforward. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Dpwnload Free. While Roland is good, he is also cold, remote, and a remorseless killer. While Eddie is good, he is also a former heroin addict and thief with trouble containing his anger. And while Susannah is great, she’s also the vicious former prostitute Detta Walker. The problem they all face is how to best deal with the evil that’s within them –if to suppress it, or attempt to exploit it without becoming evil themselves.

The struggle of good against evil gives meaning and shape to Roland’s quest to enter the Dark Tower and save the universe from falling into chaos. This structure puts Song of Susannah in a very long line of quest literature stretching as far back as ancient Greece. But, Browning never states why the protagonist Childe Roland comes to enter into the Dark Tower or what he finds there.

Quest literature, as Browning’s poem suggests, may be less about good and evil and more regarding the search for the meaning of human existence. Certainly, this seems to be King’s comprehension of Roland’s quest. Roland replies that he doesn’t “hold to any God,” just “to the Tower, and I will not pray to that”. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower VI Audiobook (listen online). Roland does not assume there is a god or that the Tower is good or worth praying to – merely that the Tower is necessary and significant to existence, the significance of that is what he seeks.

If Roland will not believe in anything but the Tower, he also worries he will not find anything there worth considering in. As he admits into Eddie in stanza 11, he worries that the top room of the Dark Tower will be vacant and the “God of universes” is dead or nonexistent. Roland’s doubts must do with an overall loss of spiritual faith associated in Song of Susannah with today’s world. In stanza 6, Mia tells Susannah that when “faith fails … you replace it with logical thought,” and this is the exchange made when faith is substituted by science as the method people use to comprehend the world. Mia argues further that where religion is eternal, rationalism is loveless, temporary, and lifeless. Roland’s quest might be read as a answer to this problem, an attempt to ascertain in an empirical manner–by entering the Dark Tower– evenif religion can be justified.

In stanza 6, while denouncing rationalism, Mia also denounces the loss of magic in the universe, and the use of machines instead. Machines, she says, eventually run down. In Song of Susannah, machines are usually portrayed as being on the side of evil. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Stephen King. They’re the robot wolves that attack a town ahead of the beginning of the music book, and they’re the android prostitutes in the Wild West theme park from stanza 11. The theme park is where a bunch of children is attracted to have their brains automatically removed and fed to servants of the Crimson King; and in which, at a room filled with black machinery, Mia will bear Mordred.

Song of Susannah itself, such as the entire “Dark Tower” series, is an example of fantasy literature. Mid-World is a realm of dream not as Middle Earth in Tolkien’s series. But whereas Tolkien’s entire story takes place in Middle Earth, the “Black Tower” series juxtaposes, or compares, the kingdom of dream with areas like Maine and Brooklyn. King makes no company division between reality and fantasy, though. Instead, the two intermingle during Song of Susannah.

Like magic, songs in Song of Susannah signifies a force for good. The novel’s title, the usage of the expression stanza rather than chapter, and the song-like poems which end each section all serve to reinforce the importance of music. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Free. In stanza 3, when Trudy Damascus returns into the place where she watched Susannah seem as if from nowhere, the humming she hears is a indication of the goodness of that specific spot. A man tells her, “That is not humming, that’s singing,” and moves on to describe how, when he was young, the same singing helped clear up a bad case of acne.

In metafiction, the author intentionally calls attention to how the reader is studying a created work. This self-awareness is a conscious and deliberate contrast to the normal escapism of the majority of literary works, wherein authors attempt to create worlds so believable that the reader could overlook how the worlds of the story are, in fact, an artificial creation. In Song of Susannah, King uses metafictional devices on several degrees. Through the audio book, the main characters realize that among the ka-tet, Father Callahan, seems as a literary character in a sound book written in the “real world” with a writer named Stephen King. This leads them to question if they all could be characters in certain audio book. Finally, King finishes the sound book using a fictionalized journal which includes entries from throughout his career; he intermingles reality with fantasy, also discusses his job on the “Dark Tower” series. Stephen King Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook.

The epic poem, including such functions as Homer’s The Odyssey and John Milton’s Paradise Lost, is among the toughest of literary forms. Epics are stories which celebrate epic feats and legendary events. The “Dark Tower” series generally can be considered epic in scope because it addresses these all-encompassing themes as the existence of God and the creation of the world. Putting such themes within the context of a highly eventful experience narrative, which takes place within a grand stretch of time and geographical area, also gives the “Dark Tower” series an epic feel.

Like J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, King’s “Dark Tower” series combines epic scope with the conventions of this fantasy novel, such as invented worlds, magical spells, and imaginary creatures. Both series also use an invented language. In Song of Susannah, as an example, Roland and his ka-tet (followers) use such conditions as ka (destiny), calla (town), todash (empty space between worlds), along with gunna. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower VI Audiobook.

Epics tend to use a very poetic and formal speech. To put it differently, he uses common terms in an everyday voice, easily recognizable as contemporary English. King uses both profanities and slang terms and limits the use of stilted or formal terminology into the address of characters like Henchick, the town older in stanza 1.

Song of Susannah is filled with allusions, or indirect references, to other functions of literature, in addition to many non-literary sources. When Mia discusses a jolt, she calls it the Red Death; Susannah recognizes this as being in the Edgar Allan Poe story. One of the beams that hold up the tower is called Shardik, following the gigantic bear from the Richard Adams book of the exact same name. Allusions are also made to Patrick O’Brian’s books, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, along with the Bible. There are also nonliterary references to Bill Gates, the 1986 World Series, and the tv soap opera General Hospital. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Download. The use of so many references to different aspects of modern culture arguably makes the novel more grounded in fact. It also underscores the story’s ambitious, epic quality: this sound book, King appears to be saying, is all about everything.

Possibly the most evident historical event King utilizes in Song of Susannah is that the civil rights movement, which is referenced on several occasions in the story. In stanza 13, by way of example, Susannah recalls taking part in protests in Mississippi in the early 1960s.

All three were working on behalf of the Congress of Racial Equality in service of integration issues. The discovery of the bodies several weeks later prompted one of the most famous FBI investigations of the age, dubbed Mississippi Burning. A picture based on this investigation, Mississippi Burning, was released in 1988. The Dark Tower 6 Audio Book.

These events defined for all the distress and chaos of this decade. He seems to indicate that Kennedy might be considered a forerunner of King’s own Roland Deschain. This manner, King also suggests that as the 1960s, our world (or at least the United States) has descended ever closer to chaos, as Mid-World has. Both worlds have undergone a loss of innocence and wonder, and both are now on the point of destruction.

King sets a lot of Song of Susannah in New York City in 1999, where Susannah and Mia will give birth to Roland’s evil son Mordred. The late1990s in America has been a time of comparative peace and strong economic growth. However, because King understood while composing the novel in 2003, America (and New York in particular) was just two decades away from a devastating terrorist attack. Stephen King The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook. To highlight the point that troubled times lay ahead, when Callahan and Jake should conceal the wicked bowling ball-like totem called Black Thirteen, they place it in a coin-operated locker in the World Trade Center for storage. This bit of metafictional foreshadowing seems to be intended to indicate that Black Thirteen might have acted as some sort of beacon for evil, although King stops short of spelling out this (perhaps for fear of trivializing such a tragedy).

When there are collections of academic essays devoted to Stephen King’s job, academia as a whole was dismissive of his composing. The “Dark Tower” series in general and Song of Susannah in particular has received little attention among literary scholars. However, this sixth volume of the “Dark Tower” series, such as almost all of King’s fiction, has obtained a great deal of attention from mainstream reviewers.

On the positive side, Matt Thorne of The Independent, a passionate lover of the “Dark Tower” series, also called Song of Susannah “by far the best in the series up to now.” The sound book, he contended, has “not one of those bagginess” of other”Dark Tower” volumes, and “almost works as a stand-alone novel.” Thorne said it should appeal particularly to all those readers who like King in his “metafictional,” referring specifically to King putting himself as a personality in his own work. Song of Susannah The Dark Tower 6 Audiobook Free. A similar point was made by Michael Berry from the San Francisco Chronicle. Berry described the move as “an audacious gambit” that could have easily disrupted the story, but finally brings even more life to an already intriguing narrative. Berry further claimed that Song of Susannah is significantly focused on the subject of passing, noting that at the end “each major character” is “in terrible jeopardy.” In the Boston Globe, Erica Noonan agreed with Thorne and Berry concerning the audio publication’s metafictional quality, asserting that the literary journal entries which form the sound publication’s Coda section are “the very interesting 20 pages of the novel.” Noonan also noted the narrative’s “feverish, page-turning end” is alone”sufficient to prompt you to keep reading” the show to its conclusion. In the same way, Phaedra Trethan, from the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote that King”leaves you dangling from the precipice of what’s next.” Dorman T. Shindler, in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, contended that the publication works despite several unexpected narrative developments, strange combinations of genres, and metafictional devices: “King brilliantly juggles all of the plot elements.”

On the negative side, the New York Times audio book Review afforded Song of Susannah no more than a capsule inspection by Ben Sisario. Sisario composed that King’s “attempt at a Tolkien-like epic” has in this sixth volume “become dauntingly overstuffed and complex,” and that King’s prose is “indulgent.” Agger accused King of relying on clicheés, “hackneyed” scenarios, an overly complex plot, and one-dimensional characters. Detta Walker, he argued, “speaks at a guttural ebonics,” implying that she’s an offensive stereotype of an African American. Song of Susannah – The Dark Tower VI Audiobook. And while Agger agrees that King’s use of himself as a personality adds life to the music publication, he believes it does so only because the sound book as a whole is generally weak. As a character, Agger writes, King “instantly becomes” the entire “Dark Tower” series’ “most populous element.”