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Stephen King – The Stand Audiobook

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he Stand by Stephen King takes place at a post-apocalyptic world triggered by the breakdown of society after the launch of a biological weapon. The weapon is a strain of flu that decimates the population. Due to the novel’s popularity, several editions were published, together with the dates of this setting shifted as time passed.

The audio book is organized into three segments. The first occurs from June 16 to July 4, and begins at a remote US Army base in which the flu strain is accidentally released. The disorder is called Project Blue. Charles Campion flows along with his wife and kid. They drive into Arnette, Texas. The army manages to find him but he has already been infected. He spreads the illness and perishes before they could get him to quarantine. In the subsequent pandemic, 99.4% of the populace dies. Society starts to break, and martial law does little to stem the devastation. Stephen King – The Stand Audiobook. King explores this phenomenon through numerous points of view. People die from violence as well as Project Blue, known publicly as the Superflu or Captain Trips.

The second portion of this audio book occurs from July 5 to September 6. This centre section follows three groups that dream of the identical woman–108-year-old Abagail Freemantle. Referred to simply as “Mother Abagail,” these groups traveling to locate her at Hemingford Home, a small village in western Nebraska. She is a religious leader to them, and guides them to go to Boulder, Colorado, in which they try to start anew. They call their new society, and the place they’ve maintained, the Free Zone. Stephen King – The Stand Audiobook Free.

Flagg possesses supernatural abilities, and rules with an iron fist, using torture and execution to keep those he governs under his hands. He leads a group of survivors to Las Vegas, where they try to reconstruct the city and a military power. Mother Abagail leaves on a religious quest, and also the folks by the Free Zone ship three spies into Flagg’s land. Meanwhile, Flagg convinces two personalities–Harold Lauder and Nadine Cross–to put off a bomb in the Free Zone. Though Mother Abagail returns in time to rescue the majority of the people, several die.

The second and final part of the novel takes place from September 7 to January 10. With tensions rising between Las Vegas and the Free Zone, Mother Abagail sends four of those members of the Free Zone leadership committee to face Flagg’s people. In route, Stu divides his leg and sends the other three on without him. The Stand by Stephen King Audio Book.

Flagg’s army catches them, and Glen is killed when he won’t submit to Flagg’s will. Brentner and Underwood are going to be executed, together with Flagg’s people in attendance, but at that moment, a guy known as the Trashcan Man arrives with a nuclear warhead. Flagg accidentally detonates it with a giant luminous hand. Las Vegas is ruined, and everyone there is killed–such as Brentner and Underwood.

This will be the first baby born from the Free Zone, plus they are worried that the baby will catch the Superflu and perish. If that happens, it would indicate an end to humankind. Frances gives birth to a living baby shortly prior to Stu returns after being rescued by the only Free Zone spy living. They name the infant Peter, and he can withstand the Superflu. Stephen King – The Stand Download Free.

Randall Flagg, though presumed dead in the earlier versions of this novel, is shown to have survived the nuclear explosion in an epilogue King added to a few of the later variants. He wakes up in a island with amnesia. Flagg returns in a number of King’s subsequent works as the protagonist.

The Stand has been adapted for a television mini-series after King and writer/director George Romero were unable to make a screenplay that suited the novel, due to its length (one variant is over 1,000 pages). The mini-series aired on ABC in 1994. Multiple attempts were made to create a film or series of films based on the music publication, but with changing directors and shifting dreams, the project had been left in 2016. The Stand audio book was also adapted into a five-issue comic movie book miniseries from Marvel Comics in 2008. The Stand Audiobook Free.