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1984 Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook read by Joe Mantegna

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Richard Bachman could only have lived long, I guess. His voice – rich in language, nasty in tone — was never going to be a bestseller, really, but King’s was. But he had been writing faster than publishers could deal with. We are on entry 19 today in this rereading experiment, and just 10 years into King’s livelihood. Therefore, the pseudonym had been necessary to prevent King looking suspiciously prolific. But all things must come to an end, and shortly after Thinner was released, that end came. But before it a novel that summed up the rest of King’s Bachman-attributed output, while adding in just enough proof of its writer to increase suspicions. Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook.

Until that point, Bachman wrote human stories. The four Bachman music books were about broken, trapped men, desperately clinging to humankind while the world they inhabited pushed them farther away from it. King’s work in this point utilised more traditional horror tropes — the haunted or possessed whatevers that drove the stories along. That line dividing King from Bachman collapsed with Thinner, which throws its hat firmly into the supernatural ring nearly from the first. This was the very first Bachman music book I browse King’s name on the cover, not Bachman’s. Thinner Audiobook by Stephen King. I did not even know it was a Bachman until later on, and that I did not wonder the narrative voice for a second. He is a attorney, morbidly obese, who runs within a gypsy if not watching the road because his wife is giving him a hand-job. When he gets the court case and fees dismissed, thanks to knowing the right people, the gypsy’s dad (whose overriding physical characteristic is his “rotting nose”) seeks Halleck outside beyond the courthouse. He touches his face and says a single word: Thinner.
From that point onwards, Halleck finds that the burden he was formerly carrying — he begins the book at a pretty hefty – starts to drop him off. Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook.

No matter what he does, in regards. It’s slow at first, but then speeds up, and after discovering that the men and women who have helped him evade justice are similarly tainted (with strange scaly skin and acne( no less), Halleck realises that this can be a gypsy curse. But because he’s an asshole who sees no reason to accept blame for what occurred he cann’tworry about atoning. Rather, he decides to use his old ex-mafia buddy Richie to help him monitor and then repay the gypsies, until… So, the gypsy man bakes a pie (having a few of Halleck’s blood) that can pass on the curse to whoever eats it. Now, Halleck is as previously recognized – an asshole. Thinner Audiobook Download. He should, the gypsy suggests, eat the pie himself, and only accept his destiny. That would be taking responsibility for his actions. The curse can not be raised outright; and only a complete asshole would pass it. But, as we’ve established…
What perhaps can not be viewed coming is that Halleck believes his wife is to blame because of his situation, because she was the onedistracting him from the road. He believes about giving her the pie, knowing it’s going to harm, hurt and kill her. But he does not. He sleeps on it. While he is asleep, his wife and young daughter eat the dish, damning them both. And then, at the novel’s final minutes, Halleck cuts himself a slice: a gesture that isn’t as accurate as it possibly seems. It’s a way of meaning he does not need to take care of the guilt of his household dying. Penance via self-destruction. Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook Free.
Before this stage, King had done a good job playing with notions of unlikeable protagonists (Carrie; Jack Torrance, certainly; I’d assert that Louis Creed’s egocentric actions place him on the wrong side of Nice Guy), however Halleck takes things a step farther. I really don’t think there is anything redeemable about him, which really makes reading the book relatively tough. You need something to latch onto, and it’s not there. When he is terrified, I didn’t care. I desired him to endure, honestly. And he does, so it’s satisfying from this point of view. But then end comes along.
Stephen King Thinner Audiobook Free Online. I recall loving the finish when I was younger. It made the novel for me, frankly, because it was so dark and cold. Such a brutal method of ending a audio book: no expectation, no going back again. Even the innocent at the tale (his daughter) is punished due to his selfish actions. But perhaps I’m going soft, because today I wonder if there was not a means of redeeming him. Maybe he could have turned Halleck around. 1 thing is for certain: the end being as bleak as it is makes the audio book feel more clearly Bachman: the pseudonym’s audio books have a way with endings that stare in the darkness.
So, it’s a Bachman sound book: dark ending; man cut off and trying hard to overcome something that’s destroying his lifetime; even structurally, the countdown theme that was used in The Long Walk and The Running Man is present here, as every chapter begins with Halleck’s present (and constantly deteriorating) weight. Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook Full Download Free. But – and it’s a big but this publication is firmly unnatural. It’s a supernatural horror story, the first that Bachman had apparently composed, but an extremely comfortable move for King. From the text of this novel itself, Halleck refers to his own experience as being like “something out of a Stephen King novel” — not just a moment of metafictional interjection, but an immediate hint, in case you’re searching for this. So it is maybe not a surprise that King was found out. And while King was apparently disappointed that his secret was out, there’s a case to be made for him maybe tripping up on purpose. How did he pick the Bachman sound books? What made a sound book Bachman instead of King? Was erring closer to King’s usual output here a few deep-level subconscious edition of self-sabotage? Of wanting to be discovered out? Of needing to have the ability to claim these audio books as his own again?
The following Bachman novel was intended to be Misery. It is a story for another day, of course; however that’s a novel that ties in thematically with all the previous Bachman music books, while being probably the most perfect distillation of King’s voice that he’d write. It’s a audio book that I think could be his finest, and there is a part of me wonders if he didn’t know it would be as well. Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook. And who’d want their finest work attributed to someone else? Thinner might have only been a get-out clause: a fine horror book that was not going to set the world alight if published beneath King’s name, but that certainly worked to bridge the gap between King and his pseudonym.